5:30 PM17:30

Fall Equinox Yoga & Soundbath

Join us for a special celebration of breathwork, yoga and soundbath meditation as we welcome the autumn season! Stay for light refreshments after class and community connection!

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$25 Drop In

Free with Membership

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to Jul 29

Special Summer Pop Up Series-8 Limbs of Yoga Workshop

This workshop style class will help to deepen your knowledge of the roots of yoga through the teachings of Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga. Yoga is a complex philosophy that it is often compared to a tree with many branches, or limbs. Each class for the next 8 weeks will sequentially build on the next as we move through each of these 8 Limbs. Sabrina will begin the class by introducing one of the particular limbs and then flow into a 60 minute physical yoga practice with emphasis on alignment and detail. We will finish with a 20 minute soundbath played by Tobi and her may crystal alchemy bowls. This class is held Mondays from 5:30-7:00pm. Please register online to reserve your spot and arrive at least 10 min early, doors will be locked promptly at 5:30. All levels are welcome to join!

*Please note, there will not be a workshop class held Monday July 1st. The Series will continue the Following Monday, July 8th. Please check Mindbody for any schedule changes or class cancellations prior to coming to the studio!

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Tri-Yoga Flow Workshop Refine & Align
3:00 PM15:00

Tri-Yoga Flow Workshop Refine & Align

With Heike Binder Alziebler

„Elongation and extension can only occur

when the pulling and the pushing comes to an end;

this is the revolution.“ - Vanda Scaravelli

While your ambition softens you will find yourself on a chakra road trip - intuitively understanding each energy center through dynamic (spinal waves) and sustained asana practice.

Designed for students interested in developing a meditative inner flow, a practice deeply connected to smooth rhythmical breath.
We will also work on hasta mudra flows, mystical hand gestures that directly influence the flow of prana for health, mental focus, and deeper awareness.
l‘ll break down the most common TriYoga Flows, show you proper alignment and explore modifications. We’ll also touch on further breathing/concentration techniques (Sun/Moon Breath, Shining Breath,Nada Pashanti) that will support you on (and off) your mat and close with a short meditation.

Yoga has been a part of Heike’s life for over 15 years. She completed her first 200 hour TriYoga training (Basics) with TriYoga International in 2008, Level 1 & Level 2 followed, and her advanced training (Level 3) will be completed in March 2019. The TriYoga Certification Programs meet Yoga Alliance Standards. 

Heike is known for her authentic, heartfelt and open-minded teaching style and her focus on precise alignment and long, rhythmic breath. She also holds a master’s degree in art history and German literature, loves singing along to Leonard Cohen & Dead Moon with her son and is one part of the husband-and wife Folk-Noir-duo ‘Son of the Velvet Rat’. (

This will be Heike’s farewell workshop as she is headed back to Austria for the next 6 months. Come wish her well and enjoy the magical benefits of Tri'-Yoga!

All levels of practitioners will be served with the systematized approach of the TriYoga Yogaflows®

$45 Drop in

$35 with Membership.

To sign up, go to home page and click “view schedule and book online”

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The Power of Intention Workshop
1:00 PM13:00

The Power of Intention Workshop

with Melissa Grisi

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to the New Year with the Power of Intention. This workshop is not about setting New Year’s resolutions or goals. This workshop is about connecting to authentic self by setting intentions for the New Year as we continue our journey to reach our fullest potential. Intentions are a call to action to our deepest heartfelt desire. This workshop will include guided meditation and breathwork, journaling and a powerful vinyasa flow to clear out the previous year and release stuck energy. We will end our practice together using Yoga Nidra to set our Sankalpa (our resolve, our hearts longing) and clear our negative Samskaras (our old habits) starting our New Year with focus and positive energy!

*Please bring a journal and pen. yoga can be modified to fit all levels. Studio provides mats, blankets and water

$45 drop in

$35 with membership

To sign up, click on the image above then the link at the bottom of the page. You can also sign up directly through the Mindbody app!

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Winter Solstice Yoga + Soundbath
6:00 PM18:00

Winter Solstice Yoga + Soundbath

In this class we are celebrating the magic of the Winter Solstice with a class that combines yoga, breathwork, intention setting meditation and then ending with a soothing vibrational sound bath. The Winter Solstice is a time of year that marks the middle of winter and brings the promise of a fresh new start as the days move away from darkness and into the light. On this day, December 21st, we experience the longest night of the year and then gradually each day gets a little longer and lighter. As we celebrate the return of the sun, we take time to recognize the light within ourselves and others. Letting go of the past year and moving forward into the next. We invite you to come join us for this very special class of community and connection.

$25/Drop in

*Free with Membership

*Please register online as space is limited. Dowload the Mindbody app or click on image to find link below. Studio provides mats and blankets. Yoga portion of the class is mixed level, modifications are available. Room will be heated.

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Sacred Wild & Loved Feminine Embodiment Yoga for Women
1:30 PM13:30

Sacred Wild & Loved Feminine Embodiment Yoga for Women

Meghan is back to lead us through another amazing workshop! You asked for a longer one so she has designed a special 2 hour class that focuses on feminine embodiment through yoga, breath work and movement. Each class works with the connection we have to the 5 elements and how we can energetically move with them. She is the creator of Amba Movement in Topanga, California where her passion is teaching women how to be in their bodies and love themselves through this uniquely structured class. We hope you leave feeling inspired, connected and empowered!.

Please dress in comfortable yoga attire, mats are provided at the studio but fee free to bring your own:) This class welcomes all levels and walks of life!

$45/drop in

$35/with membership

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1:00 PM13:00


Yoga can be a powerful, healing tool for easing anxiety and stress. In this workshop we will use various techniques to relieve stress and anxiety. Drawing from Melissa’s training, education and experience as a trauma-sensitive yoga teacher and licensed clinical social worker, we will incorporate breathwork (pranayama), gentle yoga poses (asana), mindfulness, grounding techniques and art therapy into a healing practice designed to bring the nervous system back into balance. We will explore the resiliency of the mind-body and capacity to “rest and restore” from daily stressors. Participants will leave this workshop with practical tools to cultivate balance in daily life.
All levels welcome.

Melissa Grisi, MSW, LCSW, RYT-200, is a trauma-sensitive yoga teacher, licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist. Melissa obtained her Master’s in Social Work from Rhode Island College and earned her 200 RYT from Power Yoga Palm Springs. Melissa has extensive clinical training in the treatment of trauma and is currently earning her 100 hour Yoga for Warriors Trauma-Sensitive Teacher Training and also trained with Street Yoga’s Trauma-Informed Yoga Program. Melissa specializes in treating anxiety, anger, trauma, and addiction in her clinical practice.

$45/drop in

$35/with membership

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to May 28



2ND-Dog Friendly trail in Yucca Valley. About 4 Miles. Top of Hardesty and San Andreas in Yucca Valley. Meet at trailhead at 9am and bring the pups! Please be sure they are well behaved with other dogs.

Due to the movement of our studio to it’s new location, Sabrina and Tobi will not be available to lead the group hikes at this time. Please connect amongst yourselves and go without us!!!

We will get back on the trails with you in May!!

We are very excited to add a weekly community hike to our schedule! These hikes will be held every Tuesday at 9:00am til about 11am. We will meet at various local hiking destinations throughout the high desert to experience connection with each other and with nature.

We feel that this is a very important part of a healthy, wellness program and can’t wait to share it with you! There is no fee or donation required, we only ask that you sign our liability waiver which can be found online through Mindbody when signing up for the hike. To sign up, go to the home page and click “View Classes and Book Online”. The locations of the hike will be posted per month on the website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Please be sure to dress accordingly with proper hiking shoes and clothing (the winters get cold here!) Plenty of water and snacks too. You can send an email or text Tobi and Sabrina for more details! Hope to see you on the trail!

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to Aug 16

Special Summer Pop Up Classes

Special Summer Pop Up Series will include a variety of special classes taught by different teachers throughout the summer months. These classes will be held on Thursdays from 7:15-8:30pm and can be found through Mindbody as they are scheduled. Classes are included with membership and are $15 to drop in. Here is what we have scheduled so far!

May 31st Partner Yoga with Sabrina Bennett. This class is designed to unite postures with a friend. It is recommended that your partner is at the same level as you with their yoga practice. This is not couples yoga or acro yoga, it is simply a way to deepen your flexibility and mobility with the guidance and connection of a fellow yogi.  This partner integration is also a tool to show support and companionship as part of our yoga practice. If you arrive without a partner, you will be paired with another practitioner attending the class. This class is fun, playful and upbeat. All levels welcome. 75 min.

June 7th Candle Light Yin with Emily Silver. This class is a restorative Yin style of yoga where postures are held for longer periods of time (3-5min) and are enjoyed under the soothing glow of candle light.  Yin offers a way to get into the deep connective tissues, muscles and ligaments to expand mobility and flexibility. All levels welcome. 75 min.

June 14th Fundamentals to Fly with Michael Vanis. This class focuses on building core and upper body strength needed for arm balances and inversions. There will be a short vinyasa flow sequence to warm the body and align the breath.  The class will then transition into the playtime to fly!  Michael will give the structure and support needed to safely guide you into arm balances and inversions using the support of a wall if necessary. All levels welcome. 75 min.

June 21st Summer Soulstice Flow with Sabrina and Tobi. Join us as we welcome the summer months with a special class that focuses on grounding, creativity and strength. Sabrina will take you through an earthy sequence that will focus on postures to align with the first, second and third chakras. As we celebrate the longest day of the year and the center point between light and dark, we transition into the new season with blessings of balance and renewal. The class will wind down with the unique experience of Tobi's grounding bowl, where you step inside as she plays. The vibrational frequencies allow for energy to move back into the body and to center the mind. We invite you to stay afterwards for strawberries, wine and connection! Happy Summer SOULstice!

June 28th Mandala Circle Namaskar with Jodi Keeth.  This class is a unique vinyasa flow designed to focus on the total body.  Mandala Namaskar takes your traditional Sun Salutation and moves you in a complete 360 degree circle around the mat. There will be focus on feeling light in Chaturanga as well as fine tuning the alignment points throughout the class. Partner assisted adjustments help bring extra awareness to the mind body connection. All levels welcome. 75 min.

July 5th Desert Zen Qi Gong with Doug Blanc. This class will introduce you to the fundamentals of Qi Gong. An ancient Chinese form of movement designed to allow Qi (energy) to move through the body. Slow paced, mindful and fluid, you will feel truly connected to mind and body. Doug will also take you through a guided meditation to incorporate relaxation of inner mind. Ahhh the perfect way to end a warm summer night. All levels welcome!

July 12th- Reiki Soundbath with Ryan Mussen and special guest, Anna Huff. During this class, Anna will be "transmuting reiki energies" to individuals and to the group as a whole while Ryan creates a soundscape for the purpose of shifting into a more open and heightened state of awareness which tills the soil for personal and collective evolution. Let's focus on the intention of unity and strive to see how we are all really one in this world. This class is suitable for all levels and walks of life. Blankets and mats are provided and class will be held lying down on the floor so bring anything else you need for comfort and please wear comfortable clothing. Enjoy!

July 19th-8 Limbs of Yoga with Sabrina Bennett. This class will dive deep into the inner teachings of the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Focusing on the Ashtanga Vinyasa style of yoga meaning "8 limbs", or 8 limbed path described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.  This class will begin with a discussion on the the 8 Limbs of Yoga and then we will move into faster-paced flowing sequential postures as described by yoga master Pattabhi Jois from Mysore, India. Asanas are linked with sun salutations and fluid breath to blend together the mindfulness of each posture. This class offers challenging postures and is recommended that you have some prior yoga experience.  This class is a wonderful way to take your yoga practice to a deeper, spiritual level and modifications can be made for any level if needed. The ultimate goal is to find balance in all the inner workings of the mind and body through this beautiful, ancient practice.

July 26th Vitality Longevity Balance with Alice Fulks. This class will include a section of Kundalini inspired movements and breathwork as well as information that dives into the principals of nutrition that set the body up for radiant wellness and longevity. There will be discussion on how the power of life giving foods can help you feel great, energized and above all, help your body to thrive. Alice is a local wellness coach and Kundalini teacher and we are so excited to have her at the studio!  After a five year battle with chronic illness, she used the power of life giving foods as a cornerstone to her healing process.  She is passionate to share these wellness tools with others and help them awaken to the power of life giving, healing foods. This class welcomes all levels and walks of life! 

August 2nd Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Melissa Grisi.  When we experience trauma, we become disconnected from our bodies, sensations feel intolerable and emotions unmanageable.  Trauma sensitive yoga offers the opportunity to rebuild our relationship with our selves and reclaim our bodies.  A trauma sensitive approach helps us to reset the nervous system and reduce our "fight or flight" reaction. Drawing on current research and evidence-based practice, this class focuses on grounding, centering, mindfulness and healing. By offering choice, predictability and consistency with options for breath and movement, this gentle supportive practice is suitable for all levels. **Trauma sensitive yoga is not a replacement for trauma treatment; if you are experiencing acute symptoms of PTSD or complex trauma, please follow up with your health care provider to discuss if this class is appropriate for you at this time.

August 9th Align with Success with Michael Vanis. This class focuses on building a stronger, more versatile practice through understanding a more intentional alignment and use of props. Many seek to advance their practice by learning more complicated postures. Props such as blocks, bolsters, and straps, help assist the practitioner into learning these postures with grace and ease. By focusing on proper alignment, we learn to fall into rather than force a pose. All levels encouraged to join!

August 16th LAST ONE OF THE SEASON! Acoustic Asana with Jodi and Michael Keeth.  We have had a wonderful time exploring and expanding with our summer pop up series and to end with a bang, we have a very special class planned for you!  A fun and playful mixed level vinyasa class led by Jodi and special guest and local award winning musician, Micheal Keeth, will be playing live during class! We welcome all levels to join! This class is 75 min but doors will open early (6:45pm) for some pre show fun! Hope to see you there!






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