C E D A R   &   S A G E    W E L L N E S S    S T U D I O

This studio was created from the hearts of sister in laws, Sabrina Bennett and Tobi Guillian.  A dream space designed to connect people from from all walks of life to follow their own path of wellness through the teachings of mindfulness and self love.  Raised in the lush, green San Bernardino Mountains of southern California, both girl's paths eventually lead them to the beautiful, serene desert of Joshua Tree, Ca. This is where the name Cedar & Sage was birthed. From mountains to desert. Each of the girls paths of wellness are very different and they have each dedicated themselves to their own calling. Sabrina fell in love with the practice of the challenging style of Ashtanga yoga and then after completing her teacher training, found the love of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow and blended them together to find a yoga practice that encourages strength, balance, grace and complete connection to the subtle body as well as connection to the mind. Making deeper bonds with her students is the most important connection of all.  To uplift, encourage, laugh, support and build inner strength within each student is the essential goal each and every teacher here.  


 Sabrina Bennett and Tobi Guillian

T E A C H E R S  

Sabrina Bennett -Ashtanga/ Hatha /Vinyasa Yoga/Barre

Tobi Guillian-Crsytal Alchemy Bowl Sound Therapy

Dana Stiles-Sounbath & Voice Alchemy

Heike Binder-Tri-Yoga

Jodi Keeth-Power/Mixed Level/Gentle Yoga

Emily Silver- Hatha/Vinyasa/ Yin Yoga

Melissa Grisi-Slow Flow/ Restorative Yoga

Ashley Carlton-Mat Pilates

Destynie Candelaria-Mixed Level Vinyasa

Alexis Voisin-Mixed Level Vinyasa